Making a Living from your Ideas

To all my students,

Finish your resume and complete the presentation prep below. Under the questions I explained how I’m making a living off of my artform.


  1. List your names
  2. Define each person’s role, job description, detail and position
  3. Identify the purpose of the project and why this is a good opportunity for the community.
  4. Who is your target audience
  5. How will customers (community) benefit from your project?
  6. Describe the industry (non-entertainment) you will be entering.
  7. Review target market and competitors.
  8. List your company (project) goals and objectives.
  9. Provide your mission statement.
  10.  Describe your business philosophy. What is important to your business?
  11. Examine the different types of ownership .
  12. Describe the necessary permits, licenses, certifications, etc., including how to obtain them.
  13. Describe the general relationship between the owners and employees.
  14. Analyze how the business will strengthen community relations.

I started a website called World Rights Watch. It was a site to promote and help get signatures for things that needed attention in our community. I used my artform and performances to help promote the website. As a performing artist and teacher I usually let everyone know why my students and I perform. We always do it for a cause. Similar to how a great song by a musician makes songs for his/her significant other. This is all related to promote STEM. By including a connection with community along with a website or invention, this is the best way to contribute to your community. Here are some steps of STEM examples and videos of passionate individuals that can get your ideas off the ground.

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