Film Study – Batman (Yap’s Review)

I watched Batman with my family this past weekend and put together a little digital design:

I definitely got 90s Batman cartoon vibes mixed with dark mystery films like The girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I loved the way Batman narrated the beginning scene, I just wished Matt Reeves had him doing that consistently throughout the movie but I do understand the silence needed during a lot of the cinematices so that the audience can think for themsleves with what Batman may be thinking. It was a clever way to put the viewer on edge.

Since day 1 I defended Pattinson’s cast as Batman, he’s one of the best actors of his generation and I was completely sure that he just needed one chance to shut up the haters. And we also had Matt Reeves directing the film, I love his work in Cloverfield, Let Me In and the Planet of the Apes franchise, the dude is one of the best mainstream directors working today. Now, The Batman is not only incredible, is one of the best Batman films of all the time. Matt Reeves made something brilliant with this film, he managed to made something darker than what Snyder did, only that he handled the story much better. The Batman is an action film, yes, but it feels more like a thriller-noir film with HUGE inspiration in some David Fincher’s films like Zodiac and SE7EN. The tone is absolutely on point.

Let’s talk about Pattinson. He’s so good as Batman/Bruce Wayne, he looks incredible in the suit and when he has the action scenes it truly feels that you’re watching THE Batman, he is intimidating and someone who you really should be afraid of. He gives you that mix of begin a brutal force of justice but at the same time as someone who’s disturbed and battles with multiple issues. Zoë Kravitz is also great on the film, she has a lot of chemistry with Pattinson and it also looks phenomenal in the action sequences. Paul Dano in the other hand, is disturbing, it’s a more realistic take on The Riddler, who’s more like the Zodiac Killer, an intelligent and psychopath serial killer who always has a plan. But the one who steals the show is Colin Farrell, he is unrecognizable as The Penguin, he completely disappears on both, the prosthetics and in his performance.

It’s not The Penguin that we all know, it’s a more rookie criminal who waits for the opportunity and I can’t wait to see him like the lord drug criminal that we are use to. On a technical level, it’s incredible, it’s one of the best Batman films ever produced. On one side, we have Greig Fraser, the cinematographer behind Dune, Rogue One, Zero Dark Thirty and more incredible films. His work is amazing, the film looks beautiful to look at and it shows the dark tone that the film has. And in the other hand, we have Michael Giacchino’s score, it’s absolutely fantastic, we have had a lot of amazing composers on Batman films across the years like Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, Junkie XL and many more. Giacchino’s score is haunting, epic and brilliant, it really gives the film it’s own identity.

Reeves’s take on Batman is just great, he gives us a look into Batman’s abilities as detective and fighting against Gotham’s crimes. It’s also quite possibly the best representation of Gotham City that I’ve ever seen on DC film. It show us a city completely filled with corruption and crime. My main problems with film is how long the third act feels, I wasn’t a fan of what happens after a revelation of The Riddler. I understand why they did it but I feel that it was way to long and unnecessary. Another thing that I was annoyed was the lack of Alfred in the film, Serkis is SO good but we don’t see him a lot as much as we saw Michael Caine on the Nolan Trilogy or even Jeremy Irons on BvS and the Snyder Cut. I wanted more of him interacting with Bruce but he is relegated in a very supporting role that I hope Reeves fix in the sequels. I really wanted to give this an A+ but I really felt that the third act in the Gotham Square Garden was something that I wasn’t a fan about and I really felt that the ending was as strong as the beginning of the film. But overall, The Batman is one of the best takes on the superhero, with a LOT of potential to be better than the Nolan Trilogy. Robert Pattinson is an absolutely incredible Batman/Bruce Wayne, the whole cast is brilliant as well. It’s technically a masterclass on filmmaking and a prove that Matt Reeves only makes masterpieces.

Oh and the start of film is one of the best introductions in the history of the superhero genre, I was blown away of how brutal and epic was. One of the best films of 2022 and one of my favorite Batman films. Not better than The Dark Knight but… it really is the second best Batman film.

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