Outside Interviews (Intro to Journalism)

Interviewing people in school or at work can be fun but doing interview’s outside of school is an adventure. In my line of work I come across different people everyday.

Step 1: Identify what you do outside of school that inspires you.

Step 2: Ask to interview someone that is outside of school. Ask 5 question ice breaker and go into a 1 topic to discuss.

Step 3: Edit in Adobe Rush/Capcut and include the lower third. (If you don’t have the lower third please go here: https://makeityappen.com/2022/02/16/lower-thirds-for-adobe-rush/

Step 4: Upload to your drive, make video public and copy/share URL link to ayap@orangeusd.org

3 years ago I came across a dancer named, Somar. We would dance and battle together along with my son at other venues. I acquainted myself and my son, Jordan to Somar. Somar said he came from Jordan. It was a major coincidence but from that point on he told me his story of how he lost his family to be out here in the US to try to live off of his dreams in the performing artform called, Breaking.

His story was so deep that it needed to be video documented. Hence the video interview after our daily garage session at my home. This is his story and this is the way to video document through interviews and journalism. Watch his interview after our small talks in this video.